Dear MLC Students,

What are your weaknesses?

We are going to continue practicing interview questions and the recommended answers to them. These questions can prepare you for any interviews now and in the future. They can also be used for Language Tables for your RT group or as a topic to initiate at the meal tables. First read the recommended short and long answers to get the idea on how to answer them. Then, substitute them with your real answers to get ready for this kind of interview questions in the future. Finally, read the often asked questions in the end of this e-mail and prepare for them. I will give some recommended answers later.


Sentence of the day for Monday 7/11/16 is (The mostly asked questions in an English interview):


What are your weaknesses?

For this answer, you should display a weakness that can be seen as a strength.  There are many types of answers that will work.  Some answers will be good answers for certain jobs, while the same answer will be a bad answer for a different job.  Select an answer that will work for the position you are applying for.  Here are a few examples.

Short Answers

“This might be bad, but in college I found that I procrastinated a lot.  I realized this problem, and I’m working on it by finishing my work ahead of schedule.”

“I feel my weakness is not being detail oriented enough.  I’m a person that wants to accomplish as much as possible.  I realized this hurts the quality and I’m currently working on finding a balance between quantity and quality.”

“I feel my English ability is my weakest trait.  I know this is only a temporary problem.  I’m definitely studying hard to communicate more effectively.”

“The weakest trait I struggled with was not asking for help.  I always try to solve my own problems instead of asking a co-worker who might know the answer.  This would save me more time and I would be more efficient.  I’m working on knowing when it would be beneficial to ask for help.”

Long Answers

“I think my weakest trait is my impatience.  Whenever I work in a team and a member is not performing up to my expectations, I can get impatient and annoyed.  I understand if they are working hard and their portion is difficult, but sometimes a person can’t do the assignment due to incompetence or laziness.  A while back I would get frustrated and start complaining, but I realized that I can help out by explaining things to some people and encouraging lazy people by reminding them of deadlines.  I know it’s bad to be impatient, but I’m definitely working on it.”

“I’m too detail oriented.  I never want to leave anything out and I want everything to be perfect.  This is bad because it slows down my work.  Initially, I tried to work faster to compensate, but that only made me sloppy.  So I decided to put more emphasis on priority and planning.  By doing so, I’m hoping that I can make the proper decisions on what to work on and what to intentionally leave out.”

Both of these examples show an answer that is acceptable.  Although being impatient is not good, it shows that you are a quick learner and that you like efficiency.  The second displays a person that is detail oriented, which can be seen as a good trait.  Finally, both answers identify the weakness and show the actions of correcting it.


Other often asked questions in a basic English interview are as follows.  Try to figure out the answers by yourself. I will recommend some answers for you later.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself.
    2. What are your strengths?
    3. What are your short term goals?
    4. What are your long term goals?
    5. What do you want to be doing five years from now?
    6. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be…
    7. What does success mean to you?
    8. What does failure mean to you?
    9. Are you an organized person?
    10. In what ways are you organized and disorganized?
    11. Do you manage your time well?
    12. How do you handle change?
    13. How do you make important decisions?
    14. Do you work well under pressure?


Tell me how you like the English interview topic.  You can write me e-mail in English or Chinese.


Have a good day!

Master Xu