Dear MLC Students,
We are continuing learning idioms and phrase.
Sentence of the day for Tuesday 1/11/16
“Easier said than done”
Explanation:  This is used when something is easy to say but very hard to do.  Often times people tell you to do something that sounds easy, but it is actually hard.  So in response, you can say (You can click on the following sentences to listen and repeat):

That’s easier said than done.
It’s a lot tougher than that.  It’s one of those things that are easier said than done.
Michael thinks everything is so easy.  He doesn’t realize it’s easier said than done.
Other Common Sentences
It’s harder than you think.
It’s not as easy as you think.
If you think it’s that easy, why don’t you do it?

 Speaking rules 5. Reading and Listening is NOT enough. Practice Speaking what you hear!
Reading, listening, and speaking are the most important aspects of any language. The same is true for English. However, speaking is the only requirement to be fluent. It is normal for babies and children to learn speaking first, become fluent, then start reading, then writing. So the natural order is listening, speaking, reading, then writing.

First Problem
Isn’t it strange that schools across the world teach reading first, then writing, then listening, and finally speaking? Although it is different, the main reason is because when you learn a second language, you need to read material to understand and learn it. So even though the natural order is listening, speaking, reading, then writing, the order for ESL students is reading, listening, speaking, then writing.

Second Problem
The reason many people can read and listen is because that’s all they practice. But in order to speak English fluently, you need to practice speaking. Don’t stop at the listening portion, and when you study, don’t just listen. Speak out loud the material you are listening to and practice what you hear. Practice speaking out loud until your mouth and brain can do it without any effort. By doing so, you will be able to speak English fluently.

(to be continued)
As I said before, you can make rules with your existing friends that you will only speak English. You can also carry around an iPod or iPhone and constantly listen to and speak English. As you can see, your English will be improved greatly.
Have a good day!
Master Xu