Dear MLC Students,


Sentence of the Day for Tuesday 11/10/2016 is:

 Having Visitors

A: Thanks for coming to see me today.
B: It’s no problem. I was really missing you anyway.
A: I missed you too.
B: Why haven’t you tried to come see me then?
A: I’ve been really busy.
B: Doing what?
A: Working.
B: I would’ve come to see you sooner, but I’ve been busy too.
A: What have you been doing?
B: I’ve been working too.
A: Well regardless, I’m very happy that you came to see me.
B: I am too.


We are having some loud speaker’s problem in Food Paradise so you want to practice the sentence of the day with your tablemates by yourself and speak the language as often as possible. Try to initiate a topic and start a conversation with your tablemates today and talk about the interesting things that you want to share.


I trust you will improve your English greatly if you speak it everyday!


Have a good one!

Master Xu


A gentle reminder:

Don’t forget the formal High Table Dinner, the Dining Hall of W33, Tuesday evening 11/10/16.