Dear MLC Students,


We had a wonderful High Table Dinner last night. There were 173 people attended it including 12 guests who were the Chair of University Council Dr. Lam Kam Seng, Mr. Ma Iao Lai from Mr. Ma Man Kei’s family, Rector Wei Zhao, Vice Rector Lionel Ming-Shuan Ni, Vice Rector Haydn H. D. Chen, Director of Global Affairs Prof. Da-Hsuan Feng, Dean of the Students Paul Pang, Dean of FAH Hong Gang Jin, Chair Professor and Deputy Director of Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences Richard D. Ye, Prof. Daming XU from FAH, Dr. Ming Yu Wang from FAH. More details will be uploaded including the photos taken at the event.


Sentence of the Day for Wednesday 12/10/2016 is debate on two separate topics:

Topic 1. The husband should bring most of the money in the family.

Topic 2. Women are less intelligent than men.

Do you agree or not? And why?


We are having some loud speaker’s problem in Food Paradise. To improve your English, you want to speak the language as often as you can, especially at the language table. Discuss these topics with your tablemates and see if you can express yourself well and win the debate.


Have a good day!

Master Xu



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