Dear MLCers,


Today we are going to learn a new phrase, bring someone back down to earth.


If something brings you back down to earth, it makes you face reality again after a pleasant experience, a hopeful dream or an unrealistic plan.



  1. I was dreaming of a safari holiday in Tanzania to see the elephants, the cheetahs, the hippos… then I looked at my bank balance and it brought me back down to earth pretty quickly!
  2. Phil had a great time over the weekend. All the emails waiting for him in the office on Monday morning brought him back down to earth.


We use down-to-earth to describe a person who is practical, realistic and artless.


Good news for you! Our college will organize the super pass night to celebrate the ending of fall semester and cheer you up for the final exams.

We will prepare some sweet soup, super pass fruit and candy for you. Our master will also deliver the second lecture to introduce some important information about our college.



Super Pass Night