Dear MLC Students,

I have some good news! To create English-speaking environment, we have established MLC English Study Elite Group. The members of the Group are willing to raise their English proficiency FASTER and practice the language more often at MLC including speaking more English at the Language Table.

If you see any students speaking English more often at MLC or at the Language Table, please encourage them by joining them to practice the language together. By doing so, you are actually helping create the English-speaking environment at MLC.

To encourage the Group to lead English-speaking and help create English-speaking environment at the college, we have decided to give them the following possible rewards and benefits:

  1. Hourly subsidy as helpers and trainee in some events (not including the language table) (40 MOP/hour).
  2. Certificate of Services to the Community.
  3. Certificate of Excellent Student Award or the Master’s List.
  4. Professional training offered by invited guests.
  5. Waiver of one activity requirement in SAGE102: leadership and service.
  6. Priority of consideration for potential overseas exchange or service programs.

Now how about you? I ENCOURAGE you to join the Group if you also want to raise your English proficiency and speak the language fluently. If you are interested in joining the MLC English Study Elite Group, please contact Dr. Larry Liang at for details. You may need to find a partner to join the Group together.


Sentence of the Day for Thursday 13/10/2016 is still debate on two separate topics:

Discuss or debate on the following topics:

Topic 1. Success in life means money.

Topic 2. Husbands and wives should have the same educational level.

Do you agree or not? And why?


Have a good day!

Master Xu