Dear MLCers,


I hope you are doing well for your final exams. On behalf of master Xu, the English Study Elite Group will choose and send the sentence of the day for you from 14/11/2016 to 30/11/2016.

Since you are preparing for final exams now, we chose examination as today’s topic (15/11/2016).

What is a school without examinations?  They all have it. There are many types of tests and different terminologies. First, let’s learn the different terminologies associated with testing. Examination; Mid-term; Finals; Test; Quiz; Pop-quiz; Exam; Take-home final; Research paper; Final paper; Report; Essay; Presentation; Open-book test/final, etc.

Common questions you can ask about exam format:

How many tests did you have to take in your Math class?
What was the mid-term like?
How much percentage is the mid-term towards the final grade?
Do you have to write any papers in that class?
How many pages did you have to write for your essays?
Was the open-book exam hard?
How difficult was the take-home final?
Was the final exam short answer questions, or was it multiple choice?
Did you have any pop-quizzes in your geology class?
How much time did you get to write your research paper?
How often did you have a quiz?
What day did you take your final?
When did you take your final?
Are you done with your mid-terms?
When is finals week?
The syllabus for the econ class says you have six exams.  What were they like?
How difficult is the mid-term for psychology 101?


Practice the dialogue with your language partners on the language table!


Please continue to come to our English Salon to practice your spoken English with your partners on Wednesday (16/11/2016).

The study group will organize an English Movie Appreciation night tomorrow (Tuesday, 15/11/2016). Come to watch the movie and have a English discussion!

Moreover, we will also have a Portuguese Culture night on Wednesday night (16/11/2016).

Find the posters for more details.


Wish you good luck in your finales! See you tomorrow!


Best regards,

Larry on behalf of English Study Elite Group