Let’s continue our topic about examination. Today we will discuss how to find Information for final Examinations!

Having a lot of information about tests can help prepare for exams.  The next several questions are geared towards finding specific information.

Does Professor Giles use old exam questions for his tests?
Can I borrow your old exams for Intermediate Accounting?  I want to use the questions to test myself before the real exam.
Do you know anybody who took Physics 340?  I want to know the types of questions that were asked on the final.
Do you think I need to study chapter 6 for the mid-term?  It’s so boring, and I can’t seem to apply it anywhere.
What topics did the professor cover the most in the final exam?
What were the long essay questions on?
Do you remember the long essay questions you had on the final?
I was thinking about buying the study supplement for the engineering class.  Do you think it will help?

And of course, you may be required to answer these types of questions, so let’s get into answering:

How many tests did you have to take in your Math class?
We had a total of 4 tests in that math class.”  Or more simply, ‘4 tests.’
What was the mid-term like?
The mid-term was hard.  If you read all the material, you will still have a hard time because the professor wrote up all the questions in a difficult way.


Practice these dialogues with your language partner on the language table.


Wish you good luck with your finals!

Two upcoming activities on Wednesday for you. If you are interested in Portuguese culture, learning Portuguese and wine appreciation, please join the workshop given by David, who have 10 years living experience in Portugal.

The second event is English Salon, the topic is the Crisis in Hong Kong Parliament.