Dear MLC Students,

I don’t think any of our students don’t want to improve their English, especially when they stay at University of Macau. However, the truth is that if you do not speak or use English often, your English proficiency will never make progress and will remain the same as of today after you graduate in four years. There are so many such cases in the United States where people, although they have lived in the United States for their entire life, do not speak English at all. What’s the reason? They do not speak the language often (or at all). That’s very SAD, isn’t it? Unfortunately, we might have such cases too when our students graduate in four years. The reason would be the same, they do not speak or use the language often at UM.


Instead of feel sad about your English in four years, why don’t you pick up the language by using it often and EVERYDAY. We have created the language table for you to speak the language. We are also organizing MLC English Study Elite Group to help you speak your English fluently. I urge you to start speaking the language at our language table and also join the MLC English Study Elite Group by contacting Dr Larry Liang at You will see the DIFFERENCE!


Let’s continue practicing debate in English at the language table. Sentence of the Day for Tuesday 18/10/2016 is debate on two separate topics:

Topic 1. Is it better to be honest and poor or dishonest and rich?

Topic 2. Is it better to date someone attractive and popular or intelligent and smart?

Which one do you prefer and why?


Good luck with your midterm exams!

Master Xu