Dear MLC Students,


Yesterday we said that to improve your English or any language that you want to learn, you have to speak it and use it as often as you can. If you can speak and use it everyday, it will be part of you; which means that you have acquired the language. This is the secret.  

To understand the secret, I suggest you do an experiment: Speak the language for an hour by yourself without stop, and then feel the feeling about your English. You must fell you can speak the language effortlessly.  To practice, you can use “sentence of the day” stored at our website!

Another piece of news is the report on our High Table Dinner at Facebook , go there and take a look.


Today we are going to learn some idiomatic expressions. Sentence of the day for Wednesday 19/10/16 is:

Two idiomatic expressions

1. It’s all yours. (Use this to say that something now belongs to someone, or that they can use it now.)


Have you finished with the computer?

Yes. It’s all yours.


Can I borrow that dictionary?

Sure. It’s all yours.


2. I’m all ears. (Use this to say that I’m listening with all my attention).


Are you listening?

I’m all ears!

If you have any new suggestion then let me know, I am all ears.


Have a good day!

Master Xu