Dear MLC Students,


Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

 I am organising a Chinese drum team to perform at our High Table Dinner (11/10/16). If you are interested, register with our office or let me know directly. 

Sentence of the Day for Monday 19/9/2016

Sometimes we have to end a conversation when you need to leave, and we should know how to end a conversation politely. Sentence of the Day for Monday 19/9/2016 is such a practice.

5 ways to end a conversation politely:

 It was nice chatting with you.

Well, it’s getting late.

Anyway, I should get going.

(Formal) Sorry, but I’m afraid I need to … (go to a class).

I’m sorry to cut you off, but I actually gotta run (cut you off=interrupt you)


To pick up your English and speak it fluently, you need to use it often. Practice these sentences as often as you can. You want to practice it with yourself until you can say them automatically, and then try them whenever you need to say them and practice them at the meal table in Food Paradise.

 Don’t forget your cool manner at MLC: Greet people with smile and say when you meet at the meal table, or in MLC at any floor and anywhere:


Hello! How are you today! How are you doing today!

Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night! Have a good day!


Have a good day!

Master Xu


Now news of the day:

Your pictures have been uploaded to our webpage at Go there and find your photos, which all look great! If you can’t find your picture, let me know and we will upload it. If you have a personal page at Facebook etc. and want to link it to your picture, let me know and we will link it to your picture at MLC.