Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) and Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) welcomed 80+ principals’ recommended admission (PRA) students, their parents on 11th February 2017.
In the early morning, MLC student-leaders of House Association (HA) awaited the guests both at the bus stop and outside the college. They welcomed the guests with warm smile and passionate introduction to UM and to MLC. The MLC Chinese drum team played Chinese drum music outside the college to welcome the guests. Vice Rector Professor Hayden Chen, Dean of FAH Professor Hong Gang Jin, College Master of MLC Professor De Bao Xu joined the drum team’s performance to welcome the guests.
During the luncheon, two MLC students had piano performance before the video show of MLC activity highlights in the dining hall. Then College Master Xu, Professor Xu expressed his warmest welcome to the PRA students on behalf of the college academic and administrative staff as well as the HA and all the students of MLC. He introduced the College Vision, College Mission, the achievements we have made so far, the liberal art tradition in the West and the pilot programme of RC system at UM.
After the luncheon and speech, the HA students guided the guests for a college tour, visiting the dining hall, the classrooms, the library, the fellow’s salon, fitness room, music room, and the students’ rooms. After the tour, the MLC students shared their happy living and studying experience with the PRA students in the dining hall before they continued their visit at Faculty of Arts and Humanities.


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