Dear MLC Students,


This is College Master Xu! Hope you are all rested well from last night’s celebration and performance! Now we are going to start our journey to reach our goal to speak three languages, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently in four years.


I understand you are worried about your new courses taught in English, so I would like to offer some strategies for you to handle the new situation. The strategies are simple, using READING to make up any listening inefficiency. I have three strategies for you:

  1. READ whatever the teacher will teach in class AHEAD of time (預習)
  2. ASK questions whenever you do not understand IN class or AFTER class to your teachers and to your classmates
  3. REVIEW whatever you learn in class AFTER the class(復習)

It’s just a little transition. You will all make the transition smoothly and successfully.


We are going to help you brash up your spoken English. Speaking well is another way to make up any listening inefficiencies.  We are going to practice one sentence a day starting on Monday, August 22, 2016. Sentence of the day for Monday 22/8/2016 is (Greeting):


(The answer is also “Hello!” To the people who you know, you can say “Hello! (So and so.) How are you today?” The answer to the long greeting will be “Fine, thank you!” Or “Fine, thank you! And you?”, or “How are you?”)

Say it with smile when you see people at MLC or at our meal table.

  1. Examples:

Hello, Master Xu! How are you today!

Hello, Rector Zhao! How are you today!

Hello, Rector Chen! How are you today!

  1. At our meal table in Food Paradise 食通天 before eating, look at your neighbor(s), smile, and say:

Hello! (If you know him/her, add so and so, “How are you today?”) The other person, the listener should say the same thing back.

Rector Zhao and his team will visit us during the lunch on Monday August 22 at Food Paradise. Greeting him and his team whenever you see them!

Practice this sentence often until you are USED to say it to people. If people do not speak English, switch back to Mandarin Chinese.


For the students who do not speak Cantonese, we have organized a series of lectures entitled “How to start to speak Cantonese”. The lecture series will start in the first week (22-26/8). The students who do not speak Cantonese should pay attention to the lecture’s time and place to be announced soon!


Have a good day!

Master Xu