22 August 2016 (Greeting):


(The answer is also “Hello!” To the people who you know, you can say “Hello! (So and so.) How are you today?” The answer to the long greeting will be “Fine, thank you!” Or “Fine, thank you! And you?”, or “How are you?”)

Say it with smile when you see people at M&LC or at our meal table.

  1. Examples:
  • Hello, Master Xu! How are you today!
  • Hello, Rector Zhao! How are you today!
  • Hello, Rector Chen! How are you today!

At our meal table in Food Paradise 食通天 before eating, look at your neighbor(s), smile, and say:

Hello! (If you know him/her, add so and so, “How are you today?”) The other person, the listener should say the same thing back.