Let’s continue our topic of the day on talking about basketball with friends.


If your friends play really well in basketball and you want to compliment them, you can say:

“I have a friend who can dunk.”

“My friend is six five. I saw him dunk with two hands without running.”

“Peter’s pretty good. I was playing with him the other day and he worked us all.”

“John’s a great shooter. Anything within fifteen feet is just about guaranteed.”

“My friend Jason is a great 3 point shooter.”


If your friends are not really good at playing basketball, you can say:


“I can’t believe how bad Sean is. Does he know he sucks, or is he clueless?”

“Don’t bring out Doug again. He’s a ball hog and can’t shoot worth crap.”

“He’s not a bad player, but a little slow.”


Practice these dialogue with your language partners on the language table!


We will have several interesting events in the college this week. Try to participate in any of them and make more friends.