Dear MLC Students,


We have had a successful day in practicing Sentence of the Day. Congratulations! With your active participation, we are getting one day closer to our goal: Speaking three languages FLUENTLY!

We will try more effective ways to improve our cross cultural communication ability to speak all the three languages SOON!

Now, sentence of the day for Tuesday 23/8/2016 is (Greeting):

Good morning! Good evening! Good night! Have a good day!

(Greeting people with the appropriate sentence in the morning, in the evening, at night, and during the daytime)

Say it with smile when you see people at MLC and at our meal table.

  1. Examples:

“Good morning, Master Xu!” (When you see people in the morning)

“Good evening, Rector Zhao!” (When you see people in the evening) or “Good evening!” (When you leave people in the evening, which is equal to say “good night”)

“Good night, Rector Chen!” (When you leave people at night)

“Have a good day!” (When you leave people during the daytime. You can also say “Have a good one!”)

  1. At our meal table in Food Paradise 食通天 look at your neighbor(s), smile, and say the appropriate greeting sentences:

“Good morning!” “Good evening (e.g. “Good morning Master Xu!) Then other person, the listener, should say the same thing back.

“Have a good day!” (When you leave the table or see somebody leave the table)


Practice these sentences often until you are used to say them to people. If people do not speak English, switch back to Mandarin Chinese.


Have a good day!

Master Xu


P.S. “How to start to speak Cantonese”, a lecture series to help you learn Cantonese step by step is scheduled on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the dining hall of W33. Come to learn the language or come to help others learn the language. I hear seats are limited, register now at