Dear MLC Students,


Today we are going to practice “talking about a movie”. Sentence of the Day for Friday 23/9/2016 is:


A: What’s your favorite movie?
B: My favorite movie is Superbad.
A: Oh, why is that?
B: It’s the funniest movie that I’ve ever seen.
A: That’s true. It is a very funny movie.
B: You’ve seen it before?
A: Yes, I saw that movie the first day it came out in theaters.
B: Didn’t you laugh through the whole movie? I did.
A: Me too. That movie brought tears to my eyes.
B: Mine too.
A: I have it on DVD at my house if you want to come over and watch it.
B: Sure, let’s go.


Practice these sentences until you can say them out automatically. Try to use them when you chat with your friends or with your meal mates at Food Paradise.


Remember your cool manner: Greet people with smile and say when you meet at the meal table, or in MLC at any floor and anywhere!


Have a good day!

Master Xu