Dear MLC Students,


We are continuing our journey to gain cross-cultural communication ability by speaking three languages FLUENTLY. I saw students who were still not comfortable to say Hello and smile to neighbors at the meal table or at MLC. Don’t be shy. Just do it and you will be used to it and gain the ability at the same time!

There are formal ways and informal ways to talk in English, same as those in Cantonese or Mandarin. Sentence of the day for Wednesday 24/8/2016 is therefore: Ten ways to say Hello and Goodbye:



(informal) Hey!

Hi there!

(informal) Howdy!

Bye (goodbye)!


(informal) See ya later!

Take care!

Have a good one!


Choose one of the above to greet people and say goodbye at MLC and at our meal table. Be careful in choosing formal and informal ways. If you are NOT familiar with the person, use the formal way to greet and say goodbye.


Practice these sentences often until you are used to them and know when and to whom to say them. If people do not speak English, switch back to Mandarin Chinese.



Have a good day!

Master Xu



P.S. “How to start to speak Cantonese”, a lecture series to help you learn Cantonese step by step is scheduled on Wednesday at 7:30pm in the dining hall of W34 (please note that the place has been changed from W33-W34). Come to learn the language or come to help others learn the language. Register at