Dear MLC Students,


什麼是藥?跟身體有什麼關係?怎麼治病?你知道嗎?我們和我們的家人一輩子大概都會跟藥物打交道,所以不懂藥物與人身體的關係是會有問題的。為了幫助同學們增進這方面的知識,保證學習好,同時也要身體健康,我們特别邀請了澳門大學中華醫藥研究院代院長葉德全教授週一10月24日晚上8:00為我們讲解這些問題。希望你一定參加。地點:TV Room (G004)。報名網址: 1


Now our sentence of the day: To improve your listening comprehension as well as your pronunciation, we are going to have some LISTENING and SPEAKING exercises by yourselves. Three steps: (1) First you listen to the materials, (2) then do the multiple choices to see if you can understand the dialogue (we start with simple ones), and (3) finally practice (speak) the dialogue by yourself, or with your PARTNER from the English Study Group.  Let me know if the materials are too easy or too complicated for you. You can write e-mail to me directly.


Sentence of the day for Monday 24/10/16 is:

Listening and Speaking Exercises:

Step 1:  Listen to Dialog
Step 2:  Multiple choices

Step 3:  Practice (Speak) the dialogue


  1.  What movie do these people plan on watching?
    Matrix Revolution
    The Two Towers
     Lord of the Rings
     The Last Samurai2.  When do they plan on watching the movie?
     On the Weekend
     Later in the evening today
     Next Friday

    3.  Where do they plan on meeting?
     At the subway entrance
     In front of the movie theater
     At starbucks next to the theater
     At home

    4.  What time do they plan on meeting?
     At 7:30pm after dinner
     At noontime
     At one o’clock
     At 3:45pm


While at the language table, I encourage you to speak or practice English with your mealmates. Try to initiate a topic and start a conversation in English. Of course this requires courage and confidence. But I trust you can do it. As you know, this is the way to improve your English and reach your goal: Speak the language fluently.


Have a good day!

Master Xu