Dear MLC Students,


We are continuing our journey to master three languages and gain the cross-cultural communication skill.

 As we mentioned yesterday, there are formal ways and informal ways to talk to people. The sentence of the day on Thursday 25/8/2016 is: Ten ways to ask how people are and ten ways to answer them. Knowing more styles of speaking will tremendously help you understand native speakers of English BETTER:

How are you?                    I’m fine, thanks. How about you?

How’s it going?                 Pretty good.

How ya doin’?                   Great!

How are things?               Same as always.

How is life?                        Couldn’t be better!  Not so great.

How have you been?      I’ve been busy (traveling, etc).

How is your family?        Great!  Or Can’t complain.

What’s up?                         Nothing much!

What’s new?                      Nothing much!  

What have you been up to lately?  Working out and playing my guitar (means focusing on good things and enjoying life)


Choose one of the above to greet people and answer people at MLC or at our meal table in Food Paradise. Be careful in choosing formal and informal ways. If you are NOT familiar with the person, use the formal way to greet and answer their greeting.


Practice these sentences often until you are used to say them and know when and to whom to say them. If people do not speak English, switch back to Mandarin Chinese.



Have a good day!

Master Xu



P.S. Don’t forget the lecture series “How to start to speak Cantonese” tonight at 7:30pm in the dining hall of W34. Come to learn the language or come to help others learn the language.