Dear MLC Students,


To develop your cross culture communication abilities, mastering multiple languages were crucial. Actively participating in the language table is one way to help you learn and practice more languages. So join the language table and practice the designated language (now is English) everyday.


Sentence of the Day for Monday 26/9/2016 is:

Leisure Activities

A: Tell me, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
B: I enjoy drawing and painting.
A: You know how to draw and paint?
B: Yes, I do.
A: When did you learn how to do that?
B: I learned back in high school.
A: Oh, so you took an art class?
B: Yeah, I loved that class.
A: I see that you’re pretty talented.
B: Thank you very much.
A: I wish I had a talent like that.
B: I’m sure you have a talent. It’s just hidden.


Practice these sentences as often as you can until you are able to speak them automatically. Try to initiate a topic at the meal table in Food Paradise and use these phrases with your neighbors.


Also remember to keep your cool manner: Greet people with smile and say when you meet at the meal table, or in MLC at any floor and anywhere:


Hello! How are you today! How are you doing today!

Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night! Have a good day!


Have a good day!

Master Xu