Dear MLC Students,


First, I have some good news. For you to get used to English as instructional language at UM, we have invited Prof. Hong Gang Jin, Dean of FAH, an expert in Second Language Acquisition to talk about “how to improve your grade in English learning environment- strategies and methods” scheduled at 7:30pm, this Wednesday 31/8/2016 in the dining hall of W33. So mark your calendar and come to know the secret!


Meanwhile, we need to continue practicing our English in order to meet the demand in English learning environment at UM. Sentence of the day on Monday 29/8/16 is to practice following sentences to introduce yourself:

Hello! My name is …  

I am from (Macau…)

I am a first year student and my major is …

I live in Ma Man Kei Luo Pak Sam College, my room is on the …floor.

I like … (sports, music, what food, movies)


Note, opening your mouth to speak is the most efficient way to learn a language. Practice these sentences at our meal table in Food Paradise with your tablemates and your RTs (or at MLC also). Meanwhile, remember to greet people and smile at people by saying the following, until you are used to the good manner:

Hello! How are you today!

Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night! Have a good day!



Have a good day!

Master Xu