Dear MLCers,


This is the last sentence of the day for the fall semester!


Let’s talk about stress today. Unfortunately, stress is a common emotion that we all experience. Most of the time, stress is caused by pressure placed on us. We experience stress trying to live up to someone else’s expectations. This is the same for school and work. We are given work to do and if there is so much, we experience stress. Talk to your friends to express your concern is one of the best ways to relieve your stress. Here are some dialogues on how to talk with your friends about stress.


“I’m stressing out. I have a mid-term tomorrow and I haven’t studied yet.”

“I have a paper due tomorrow and I didn’t even read the book. I’m so stressed.”

“I always get stressed out during finals week. Even if I study a lot, there are always unexpected questions I don’t know about.”


“My parents give me so much stress. They expect me to get straight A’s all the time.”

“I would enjoy school a lot more if my parents didn’t put so much pressure on me.”

“My dad gave me a beating when I brought home a C on my report card.”


“I’m so stressed.  I’m taking the CPA exam next week and I’m not confident.”

“I’ve been stressed like this for two weeks now.  I’ll be happy when this semester is over.”

“I took too many classes this semester.  I shouldn’t have tried to do so much.  Now I’m stressing like crazy.“


Practice these dialogues with your partners on the language table!

See you next semester!


To help you prepare for the finals and cope with study stress, I will organize a talk on how to beat exam stress on Wednesday night, from 8-9 pm. You will be awarded 1 smart point and 15 special A. Welcome to join my talk!


You are also welcome to join our dodge ball competition. Exercise is the best way to relieve your stress.