Dear MLC Students,


I suggest you practice the Sentence of the Day everyday by using it with your friends, your roommates, your classmates, and if there is no one to talk to, practice it by yourself. You will internalize them after using them frequently. Still the same strategy: OPEN your mouth and speak the language! The more you speak it, the better your English will be. Trust me!


Now let’s continue our practicing of the language. Sentence of the day on Wednesday 31/8/16 is

What’s your major? My major is …

How many courses are you taking? I am taking 5.

What are they? They are psychology, math, Japanese, accounting 110…


Practice these sentences at the meal table by asking your tablemates until everyday knows how to ask and answer these questions.


And don’t forget to maintain your cool manner: Greet people with smile while saying:

Hello! How are you today!

Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night! Have a good day!



Have a good evening!

Master Xu


P.S., Don’t forget we have invited Prof. Hong Gang Jin, Dean of FAH, an expert in Second Language Acquisition to talk about “how to improve your grade in English learning environment- strategies and methods”. We also invited two interns from Princeton University to share their personal experiences. The talk is scheduled tomorrow Wednesday, 31/8/2016 in the dining hall of W33 7:30pm. Bring your friends and come to learn the secrets!