Dear MLC Students,


Speaking rules 4. Submerge yourself in English


Being able to speak a language is not related to how smart you are. Anyone can learn how to speak any languages. This is a proven fact by everyone in the world. There is nothing to do with your intelligence or lacking of brain power.

As a matter of fact, this was achieved by being around more languages at all times. If you hear (and speak) Cantonese and Mandarin constantly, you will be able to speak both of them fluently. That’s is why most of you speak Cantonese and Mandarin with no problem.


In Africa, most of the people speak 5 or 6 languages just because they are being around by so many languages. They speak one language with their parents, speak another language with their friends, speak a third language at school, and speak a fourth language with their grandparent…


You will notice that many people who are good English speakers are the ones who studied in an English speaking school. They can speak English fluently not because they are more intelligent than you are, but because they had an environment where they can be around English speaking people at school.
There are also some people who study abroad and learn very little. That is because they went to an English speaking school, but found friends from their own country and didn’t practice English.

You don’t have to go anywhere to become a fluent English speaker. You only need to surround yourself with English. You can do this by making rules with your existing friends that you will only speak English. You can also carry around an iPod or iPhone and constantly listen to English sentences. As you can see, you can achieve results by changing what your surroundings are. Submerge yourself in English and you will learn several times faster.

(to be continued)


Sentence of the day for Monday 31/10/16

We are going to learn some idioms and phrases following Speaking Rules 3-learn and study phases rather than words. The phrase we are going to learn today is:

“Bored to death”

Meaning: Very bored

Explanation: Death is the worst thing, so using it to compare how you feel is telling someone that you are very bored.


Click on the following sentences to listen and repeat:

I have nothing to do.  I’m bored to death.
I hate it when I’m bored to death.
Would you rather be super busy or bored to death?

A:  “I’m bored to death.  Let’s do something.
B:  “Sure.  Come over and we can play some games.

Other Common Sentences

I’m so bored, I could die.
I’m dying of boredom.


At the language table, practice the phrase with your mealmates, and then try to initiate a topic and start a conversation in English.


As I said above, you can make rules with your existing friends that you will only speak English. You can also carry around an iPod or iPhone and constantly listen to and speak English. As you can see, your English will be improved greatly.



Have a good day!

Master Xu