Dear MLC Students,


Welcome back to MLC! I hope you all had a relaxed National Day holiday!

Today we are going to practice “stay healthy”.  Sentence of the Day for Wednesday 5/10/2016 is:


Stay Healthy

A: “Hi Mike. What have you been up to?”
B: “Not much. I started exercising.”
A: “Trying to get in shape?”
B: “Yeah, and I need to start improving my health.”
A: “Me too. What are you doing besides exercising?”
B: “That’s about all.”
A: “I think if you eat better, it will help tremendously.”
B: “Sleep is good too. I heard people who sleep an average of eight hours a day have less health problems.”
A: “Looks like there are a lot of things to do to stay healthy.”
B: “True. But I think it is worth it. When you get old, you want to be healthy and active.”


To pick up English, you have to open your mouth and speak it all the time, everyday. Join the language table and practice the sentence of the day everyday.


Keep your cool manner: Greet people with smile and say:

Hello! How are you today! How are you doing today!

Good morning! Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night! Have a good day!


Have a good day!

Master Xu