Dear MLC students,

We are glad to inform all of you that Election of MLC 3rd House Association (AY 2018/19) is going to take place on 10 April  to 12 April 2018, we would like to invite all of you to come and learn about all candidates on the upcoming HA Election Campaign Speech on 10 April (tomorrow night 18:00), which instantly followed by an online voting (via UM ISW E-form system) for your ideal HA cabinet. More details about the campaign speech, information about the 3 candidate teams and their platforms.

  • Campaign period: Mar 30 to Apr 10, 3 pm
  • HA Election Campaign Speech: April 10, 18:00, MLC Dining Hall, W33
  • Voting Period: After the campaign speech on April 10 until April 12, 18:00

Remarks: Voters must be MLC students (including residents and non-residents), otherwise, their votes will be invalid; each college student can only vote once.

For more details on the candidate cabinets, please refer to the poster below.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone: 88224158 or email:

競選序號 Team No. 閣名

Cabinet Names



1延曦閣主席President:鄭文哲 Zac;

副主席 Vice-President:賴麗妃 Liffy;

秘書 Secretary:林衍浩 Phoebus

2崇正閣 Righteousness主席 President:郭浩然 Henry;

副主席 Vice President:劉江帆Tony;

秘書 Secretary:簡婕Jane

3誠薪閣主席 President:姚筠怡 Joylyn;

副主席 Vice President:曾金燕Albee;

秘書 Secretary:田雨TIANYU