Dear MLC Students,


Still the news: MMKLPSC has successfully launched its website at Browse it and share it with your friends and parents who want to know and see what you are doing at MLC.  Your feedback about the website will also be appreciated.

Sentence of the day on Tuesday 6/9/16 is:

Further discuss the features of Macau.

Anything specific about its origin, history, food, people, ethnic diversity, languages, land, missionary tradition and Christian influence (利瑪竇、馬禮遜), development, and the future.

Talk about the features of Macau at the meal table with your RTs and your tablemates. If you still can’t tell much about Macau’s features, you really should come to the talk scheduled at 8:00pm, Tuesday 6/9/16 (W33/W34 dining hall), which will give you a comprehensive view on Macau’s features. When you attend the talk, remember to maintain your cool manner: Greet people with smile and say the following. You may get to know some new friends.

Hello! How are you today! How is your schoolwork?

Good evening! Good afternoon! Good night!


For non-Cantonese speakers, try to practice: “Hello” 你好!(nei35hou35), “Good evening” 晚上好!(man35san21hou35), “Good night” 早躺!(zou35tang35).


Have a good day!

Master Xu