On 27th Nov 2018, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) held the annual Super-Pass Party for the first semester of AY 2018-2019. The purpose of holding the Super-Pass Party is to give students an opportunity to relax and motivate them before their final exams. The College has prepared snacks, sweet soups, desserts, ice cream, red wine and other beverages for students to enjoy.

Prof. Xu De Bao, College Master of MLC gave an opening remark, he said “It is a MLC tradition to have a party at the end of every semester, to sum up our work, award scholarships and other rewards, and at the same time we wish to cheer up our students and say good luck to them all in their final exams.’’  Prof. Xu also greet the guests and students with different languages to encourage the students to utilize the multi-languages learning environment in MLC. The President of the House Association, Yao Junyi, gave a short speech and she said “This semester, the House Association will continue to hold the traditional college activities, but we will also organize innovative activities in the next semester. We are committed to serving you from the beginning to the end of the semester.”

There is a slight change in the format for the presentation award ceremony, the College has invited some Non-Residents Fellows (NRF) and Affiliates to present the scholarship awards. For the first time, the College has also awarded eight “Outstanding Service and Leadership Award” to NRF and Affiliates to recongise their service and contribution to the College. Lastly, the event ended with traditional Chinese Costume “Hanfu” dance performance and live music from the College’s band “Romans”.

The College would like to extend their deep appreciation to all the performers and all the students that were involved in assisting and organizing the event.

List of awardees:

  1. Outstanding Service and Leadership Award for NRF and Affiliates: Prof Gong Zhiguo, Prof. Christine Mei Lai Lim, Prof. Quach Wai Meng, Prof. Chen Fangze, Prof. Moutinho Rodrigues Da Silva Ricardo, Prof. Tang Zikang, Prof. Tam Hon Keung, Prof. Ye Richard Dequan
  2. Whole Person Development Award: Liang Yongyi, Feng Xiya, Xu Kairui, Lai Lifei, Ang Yuan Jie, Xie Shanshan, Zhou Junyi, Tee Boon Zhie, Qi Yuanyuan, Leong Ka Hong, Lei Ka Chon, Choy Yee Ling, Lei Koi Fai, Hou Yunhan, Zhang Yuhan, Sun Diao, Chen Liqi, Wang Kaiyin, Hou Chengzong, Guo Haoran, Li Xiaohong, Wen Hai-Ching, He Fuzhou
  3. Best Student Organization Award: Dancing Team Shuffle and English Study Elite Group
  4. Best Academic Improvement Award: Lam Yee Shan, Wong Weng Kun, Ho Chi Ian
  5. Best Student Leadership Award: Chan Pui Man
  6. Best Resident Tutor Award: Xia Yahui
  7. Certificate of Outstanding Service and Participation of HA Activities
  8. Outstanding Exchange Student Award: Xiao Gang, Imahashi Ritsuki.