Dear MLC Students,


Sentence of the Day for Thursday 6/10/2016 is:


A: Did you go to the basketball game on Friday?
B: No, I couldn’t make it.
A: You missed a really good game.
B: Oh, really? Who won?
A: Our joint RC team did. They played really well.
B: Too bad I was busy. I really wanted to go.
A: Yeah, you should have. It was really exciting.
B: So what was the score?
A: The score was 101-98.
B: Man, that was a really close game.
A: That’s what made it so great.
B: I’ll make sure and make it to the next one.


We are having some loud speaker’s problem in Food Paradise. To improve your English, you want to speak it as often as possible, especially to practice the sentence of the day at the language table. INITIATE a topic and START a conversation with your tablemates today!


I trust you will improve your English drastically if you keep speaking it all the time, everyday.


Good luck with your English speaking!

Master Xu