Dear MLC Students,


This is College Master Xu! I hope you are all rested well at home and at MLC!

First, I have some news for the students who still do not know: The MLC has successfully launched its website at Click on the link and enjoy the look. We will continue to develop webpage and enrich it with your input and feedback. So tell me what you think and what you would like to add in. Also, share the website with your friends and parents who may want to know what you are doing at MLC.

Second, I understand some of you are still struggling with your courses taught in English. Here are some strategies (download the original at

  1. Ask your teacher’s permission to TAPE the class so you can review everything at home (錄音)
  2. GROUP study groups with your classmates to discuss and study together(組織學習小組)
  3. READ what the teacher will teach AHEAD of time (預習)
  4. ASK questions when you do not understand (問問題)
  5. REVIEW what you learn in class(復習)

Third, we are going to continue our journey to reach our goal to speak three languages English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently in four years. Now Sentence of the Day for Thursday 8/9/2016 is:




Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much.

Thanks a million!

Thanks for your help./Thank you for helping me.

I really appreciate it.

I am really grateful.

That’s so kind of you.

I can’t thank you enough. (for extremely important things)

I own you one (it means you want/need to do a favor for the other person in the future).


Practice these sentences by yourself and then try them when you need to thank people. We will also practice them at our meal table in Food Paradise.


Good night!

Master Xu