In the afternoon of 6 April 2002, MLC, CKLC and SPC jointly organised a visit entitled “A Journey to Our Home”. The four-hour visit is an educational tour that was divided into two parts. We visited the Love the Country, Love Macao Educational Base for the Youth, followed by a visit to the Macao Museum. The purpose of the tour was to cultivate students’ love for the country and to enhance the students’ understanding of the development of Macao. The following is what MLC student Mr. Fan Yulin (1st year, FBA) had to say about his participation in this education tour:

During the “A Journey to Our Home” activity, we visited the Love the Country, Love Macao Educational Base for the Youth and the Macao Museum. The exhibitions at the Base are divided into four zones, ranging from pre-Qin to contemporary times, with artefacts and vivid descriptions, it teaches us in a comprehensive and multi-faceted way the creativity, tenacity, and struggle of the Chinese nation. What moved me most was the section on modern history. Under the iron heel of the Western powers, when the territory was about to be torn apart, the Chinese nation, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, saved itself from the ravages and built a great wall of flesh and blood with a high degree of dedication. I am sure that all of us felt an inexpressible sense of pride and belonging after looking at the exhibits.

The students listened attentively to the docent’s explanation of the struggle of the Chinese people in defending their country during the War of Resistance

We then took a bus to the Macao Museum. The part of the museum that interested me the most was the exhibition of Macao’s folklore. It was like a kaleidoscope of Macao’s architectural features, local festivals and unique lifestyle of a South Chinese port city. I could feel the richness of the lives of the people of Macao. The people living in Macao are just as hard-working and loving as those living in other parts of China.

Students Understanding the Ancient Chinese Farming Technology

The two locations we visited are both sequentially and inextricably linked—only without detracting from the motherland could a youth truly learn to love Macao. When a youth contributes to the construction of Macao, they are also contributing to the modernisation of the motherland. This event will serve as a guide for our future so that the seeds of patriotism and love for Macao will take root in the hearts of the students.

A Memorable Moment after the Visit

This tour is part of MLC’s 2022 initiation in the making of responsible citizens. We strive to educate law abiding students to live with integrity and social responsibility. Most of all, MLC emphasizes the affection for the home country.

Venus Viana

Resident Fellow, MLC

(Reported and translated)