Dear MLC Students,

As you know, we have resumed the English Language Table (lunch in the Dining Hall) everyday from Monday to Friday, which was started in Food Paradise last semester. The key reason: To realize the College Vision and Mission and to help our students gain cross-cultural communication skills. More specific reasons are:

  1. The majority of our students need to improve their English. More than 90% of our students are native speakers of Cantonese and almost 100% of our students can speak Mandarin fluently. However there are very few students who are native speakers of English. Therefore we need English language environment urgently for our students to practice and improve their English.
  2. There is also an urgent need for low GPA students to improve their English. Low English proficiency is the main reason for them to perform poorly in academics, so English language environment, which is the crucial condition for people to pick up the language, is a MUST for these students to practice and improve their English.
  3. We (all our students) have wasted one semester in Food Paradise due to the poor condition to run language tables there. A jump-start is therefore necessary before it’s too late! We all know learning a language is by speaking it, not by studying it. So we must create the English language environment for everybody to practice and improve their English! I know our students all have dreams, ideals and want to see the world. I don’t want to waste their time and I would like them to pick the language before they graduate from UM.

Lastly, at the English language table starting tomorrow Monday 27/2/17, I would like everybody share one English word or phrase that you think is the best or you like the best with the tablemates. It will be fun!

See you tomorrow at the English language table!

De Bao Xu

P.S., we have put a communication board in the Dining Hall near the card readers. The purpose of putting the board is to establish a platform for our students to communicate with the caterer directly. On one side of opinion collector, you can write down your suggestions and comments on the food served. You also need to write your student number. On the other side of the opinion collector, the caterer will respond to your suggestions and comments. You are all encouraged to use the communication board to help communicate with the caterer and to improve the food service.