The first High Table Dinner of MMKLPSC 

The first High Table Dinner of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College was successfully held at the grand dining hall of the college on October 12, 2016. There were 173 participants including 161 year 1 students and 12 guests who were the Chair of University Council Dr. Lam Kam Seng, Mr. Ma Iao Lai from Mr. Ma Man Kei’s family, Rector Wei Zhao, Vice Rector Lionel Ming-Shuan Ni, Vice Rector Haydn H. D. Chen, Director of Global Affairs Prof. Da-Hsuan Feng, Dean of the Students Paul Pang, Dean of FAH Hong Gang Jin, Chair Professor and Deputy Director of Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences Richard D. Ye, Prof. Daming XU from FAH, Dr. Ming Yu Wang from FAH, et al.

The dinner started with a march-in and welcoming ceremony by M&LC students using three languages, English, Mandarin and Cantonese, reflecting the trilingual culture of M&LC. Master De Bao Xu gave a warm welcoming speech to all the students and guests, following by the keynote speech by Mr. Ma Iao Lai, who was introduced by Rector Zhao before his speech. Mr Ma introduced the life story of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam couple. He concluded several key points for the success of Ma’s family and expressed his encouragements to our students, including self-improvement, perseverance; seeking truth through life-long study; contribution to the society and family harmony.

The M&LC Chinese drum team led by Samuel Russell, an American student, gave the first public show in the dinner and amazed all the guests and students. The second performance was a lovely Cup Song, which showed the perfect collaboration among 10 students in the singing art. The elegant piano solo performed by Xu Guo Wei took the audience to the romantic starry night. He also put the students’ performance section to an end.

The High table dinner was also the inauguration ceremony of the first House Association of M&LC. Mr. Justin, Ho Weng Wa, president of HA, received the gifts symbolizing the authority and tradition of HA from Master Xu and delivered his inaugural speech to the students.

The dinner ended with a warm applause farewell ceremony given by the students.