M&LC stresses preparation of students for a global citizen in the 21st century. To reach this goal, the college has paid great effort in providing the students with an English learning environment to improve their international communication skills, including the daily English table at dining hall. On November 7, 2016, two Princeton fellows from USA were invited to join the language table during lunch hours. In the evening, three PhD students from department of English, who have rich living experience in the USA, were invited to join the language table in dinner. The guests discussed various interesting topics with our students, ranging from personal hobbies to the hot topic American presidential election. Comments and feedback from the students showed that they learned useful knowledge and improved their spoken English from this activity.

image 1

Princeton Fellow Corinne shared her living experience both in USA and China with M&LC students

Image 2

Princeton Fellow Jordan gave some tips to students on how to improve spoken English

image 3

Master Xu greeted the guests on the language table

image 4

iamge 5

The explosive discussion between the 3 invited PhD candidates and M&LC students on the language table