MLC believes the power of peer learning,  students can learn more from each other by sharing with each other, which is much easier for them to understand each other, they will also be able to improve themselves together. Therefore, from the beginning of this semester, MLC is inviting different outstanding MLC student representatives to share their experiences with you, which also provides a platform for our students to show their talents, build up their confidence and public speaking skills. In the second lecture of this series, Johnny will deliver a speech for us on Wednesday night.

As a student who performs academically well and participating in the university and different student organizations actively, Johnny will share his methods and experience on how he manages his time as a university student in order to achieve his personal goals and live his university life to a full extent. Specifically, he will introduce the key principle of my time management and how he applies the principles to deal with different issues in his university life. Hopefully his presentation will help others spend time more efficiently and effectively. Please pay attention to below details if you are interested.

  1. Explain why time management as a university student is so important
  2. Introduce my principle in time management
  3. Share examples and personal experience in how I apply the principle to use time more efficiently and more effectively

-Planning. (Long term and short term)

-Execution of plans. (Efficiency and effectiveness)

  1. Solve problems like how to improve in GPA that students generally face in university from the perspective of time management
  2. The key mindset to achieve personal goals
Date2018/1/24 (Wed)
Venue:MLC TV room  (W33-G004)
Language:Chinese/ English
Registration:Scan QR CODE, or click on this link: ​