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De Bao XU, PhD (許德)


Distinguished Professor of Chinese

University of Macau

Leonard C. Ferguson Chair Professor, Emeritus

Office: W33, G040

Office Ext.: (853) 8822 4023

Email: debaoxu@um.edu.mo

Professor De Bao Xu is Distinguished Professor of Chinese at Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Macau and Leonard C. Ferguson Chair Professor, Emeritus from the U.S. Authored and co-authored 11 books, published over 80 articles and papers, and chief-edited and collaborated 45 internationally organized monographs, books and issues, professional journals, and paper collections, he is well-known in theoretical linguistics, Chinese linguistics, and computer assisted Chinese language learning. Currently, he is editor-in-chief of Contemporary Linguistic Theory Series (since 1997), editor-in-chief of Journal of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching (since 2010), editor-in-chief of Series of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching in the United States (since 2012), and the Chair of Standing Committee (President) of Technology and Chinese Language Teaching Association (www.tclt.us since 2000).

Went to college at age of 27 due to the Cultural Revolution, he received a combined education of the East and the West. He got his BA in Chinese Language and Literature from Taiyuan Teachers College in 1982, MA in traditional Chinese Linguistics (Zhang Taiyan & Huang Kan School) from Beijing Normal University in 1985, and MA and PhD in Chomsky’s Theoretical Linguistics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1989 and 1992, respectively. Before joining the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at University of Macau in January 2015, he was Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, Leonard C. Ferguson Chair Professor, and Chairperson of the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department at Hamilton College from 1991-2014. After 30 years of teaching and researching in the United States including 23 years of working experience in the first tiered liberal arts education, he was appointed as Founding College Master of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College in August 2016.