Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) of the University of Macau successfully held the “MedX Lecture Series Opening Seminar” in the evening of 29th October, 2020. The College was delighted to have invited as keynote speakers Dr. Lo Iek Long, a pulmonologist consultant, and clinical director of Hospital Conde de São Januário (CHCSJ), and President of the Macao Youth Federation; Dr. Tai Wa Hou, a neurosurgery consultant in CHCSJ, consultant of Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macau SAR and President of Macau Association of Health Service Executives; and Prof. Xiang Yutao, Professor of Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau. Speaking to close to 300 online and offline students and staff, the three experts shared their experiences in participating in the fight against the pandemic.

Dr. Lo, a renowned expert in the medical field, moved his usual sharing sessions to the stage at MLC.  Students and teachers were very excited to see him in person. Dr. Lo told the audience that Macao’s initial success in the fight against the pandemic depended on both the government’s scientific and effective policies, and the active cooperation of all Macao citizens. He urged everyone to learn from the anti-pandemic spirit and strive to do their best, both academically and at work, and that will be the greatest contribution to Macao and to our Motherland. Dr. Lo also reminded everyone to continue to observe the pandemic prevention measures until it comes to the end.

Dr. Tai is one of the main persons-in-charge of the COVID-19 nucleic acid test in Macao. In the seminar, he shared the principles and functions of the test and some of the pandemic prevention measures. When answering a question regarding vaccine against COVID-19, Dr. Tai called for everyone’s patience because vaccines research and development is a long, arduous process. At this stage, he reminded the audience, the best preventive measures are to control the source of infection,to cut off the route of transmission and to protect those who are susceptible to the virus.

Prof. Xiang’s research team started paying attention to the mental health of patients as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began. His team has done numerous studies in the mental health area and published a series of influential articles that provide important references for the fight against the world-wide pandemic.

In his opening remarks, the Vice Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Billy So encouraged students to learn about the medical knowledge about the current pandemic and maintain physically and mentally healthy under the “new normal” of our co-existence with the virus. The Interim College Master, Prof. Katrine Wong said that the original purpose of organising the “MedX Lecture Series” was to bring scholars and experts from various fields onto a common platform and to enhance students’ and colleagues’ understanding of medical research and knowledge through different interdisciplinary lectures. In explaining the title of the Lecture Series, Prof. Wong explained that the letter “X” meant “unknown”. Prof. Wong hoped that students would explore the world with curiosity and always be ready to receive new knowledge.

The event concluded with a dialogue session hosted by Dr. Liang Qingning, MLC’s Associate Master and Dr. Ka Wai Fung, MLC’s Resident Fellow. The three speakers interacted with the audience and answered queries selected from more than 200 questions. Other invited guests who attended the event included Prof. Deng Chuxia, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Chen Xin, Interim Director of Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, and Ms. Anita Ka Peng Tai, Secretary of the Macao Youth Federation, as well as College Fellows and faculty members.