Held on 29th Nov, “The Road to English Tertiary Education” has concluded the Industry Talk Series in 2019. To offer practical insights for those who are enthusiastic in engaging education, MLC has invited Mr. Daniel Leong, a lecturer from City University of Macau, to share his perspectives on Macau’s secondary and tertiary education. Apart from his pedagogical knowledge, Daniel also shared his previous interesting experiences as a business investigator (undercover) and a translator prior to his road of becoming an educator. With his enthusiasm devoted in education in the past decade, Daniel has demonstrated the finest qualities of being a great teacher who has been nurturing numerous students in both secondary and tertiary institutions. During the talk, he also shared useful advice and practical teaching skills to those students who are future teachers of various fields. Conversing in a dynamic rapport, Daniel was also able to encourage our audience to enquire and share with their own views as well.