The second High Table Dinner of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College was successfully held at the dining hall of the college on 6th April, 2017. 153 participants including year 1 students and guests who were the Director of Tertiary Education Services Office Mr. SOU Chio Fai, Vice Rector Prof. Lionel Ming-Shuan NI, Vice Rector Prof. Rui MARTINS, Vice Rector Prof. Haydn H. D. CHEN, Dean of FAH Hong Gang JIN, Dean of Faculty of Education Prof. FAN Xitao, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. HAO Yufan, Dean of Honours College Prof. MOK Kai Meng, University Librarian Dr. Paul POON, Director of Communication Office Ms. Katrina CHEONG. We also had many College non-resident fellows and affiliates join us. They were Prof. Richard YE, Prof. George WEI, Prof. GONG Zhiguo, Prof. Desmond YUEN, Dr. ZHANG Juan, Dr. Ligen LIN, Dr. Robin CHARK and Mr. Philip PUN.


The dinner started with a march-in and welcoming ceremony. The students performed the Etiquette Code of Conduct using three languages, English, Mandarin and Cantonese, reflecting the trilingual culture of MLC. College Master Prof. De Bao XU gave a warm welcoming speech to the guests and shared his life story with the students to encourage them to fully use the precious college life to study and improve themselves, following by the keynote speech by Mr. SOU Chio Fai, who was introduced by Vice Rector Prof. Haydn CHEN before his speech. Mr Sou is an alumni of University of Macau. He recalled his study and life in the university in a humorous way. He encouraged our students to cherish the best time of life in university, to seek truth through life-long learning and to contribute to the society after graduation.

In order to create more chance of interaction among the guests and students, MLC changed the formal high table dinner into a more casual cocktail reception. The students can talk with guests and watch the performance while they can enjoy the dessert and finger food. As a tradition of MLC, the Chinese drum team led by Philips, from Philippines, gave the Chinese drum and Jazz drum fusion performance in the dinner and amazed all the guests and students. The second high table dinner was also featured by the ballroom dance party and disco. As the Waltz music started and lights dimmed, Master XU and Prof. JIN danced to the middle of stage gracefully, followed by the dance show of 8 pairs of student dancers. The dining hall was suddenly turned into a romantic ballroom party. The last part of the high table dinner was the disco party, led by the pop dance show of Justin, the president of House Association of MLC. All the participants moved their bodies and got sweaty when the loud disco music filled every corner of the dining hall.

The dinner and party ended with a warm applause farewell to the guests. All guests and students highly praised the creative and interactive format of high table dinner, which they never experienced before.