Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sum College (MLC) offers MOP$100,000 with 30 awards and prizes to undergraduate students for their significant contributions to MLC’s vision and mission in AY2016/17. Four categories of awards / prizes are available for MLC students to apply and details on each award/prize can be found:


Whole Person Development Award: MOP$73,000 for 23 awardees

Best Academic Improvement Award:  MOP$9,000 for 3 awardees

Best Student Organization Award:  MOP$10,000 for 2 awardees

Master’s Prize for Leadership:      MOP$8,000 for 2 awardees



All MLC year 2 students in academic year 2017/2018



Different requirements are required from different awards / prizes, please refer to respective application from.



If you wish to apply for MLC awards / prizes, fill out an application form (download from the above link / attachment for each award) and submit one hard copy to Ms Jenny Leong, MLC General Office W33 G041 by noon, 14 November 2017 (Tuesday). Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews in the mid of November 2017.


Deadline for application: 14th November 2017

Interview: 13-17th November 2017

Announcement of results: 20-24th November 2017

Award Presentation: 28th November, 2017 in the Super Pass Night


For more information, please contact Ms Jenny Leong ( or Dr. Chan ( for further clarification.