Dear Students,

Greetings from Ma Man Kei Lo Pak Sam College (MLC)!

MLC is going to hold our Lunch Seminar on every Wednesday for you to explore the knowledge from different areas, the last lecture of this semester will be held on the coming Wednesday.

Flu season is upon us, which means emergency departments all over the globe are dealing with an overwhelming number of patients with flu and flulike symptoms. What if you are really sick? What is the best way to handle it ? Prof. Richard Ye will give a talk “How Do we Cope with Flu Outbreak?” and give you some hints!

Remarks: 1 Smart Point and 15 CS will be awarded to students who participated the whole lecture.

Date2018/11/28 (Wed)
Venue:MLC Dining Hall (W33-G046)
Registration:Scan QR CODE, or click on this link: