Dear MLCers,

MLC is going to hold our Lunch Seminar on every Wednesday for you to explore the knowledge from different areas. The coming lecture is brought by Prof. Bob Zhang on “Medical Biometrics: The Future Of Medical Diagnosis”! In many cases, disease diagnosis can be painful, invasive, and time-consuming. Therefore, medical biometrics, via the analysis of the face and/or tongue can become the future of diagnosing diseases. This seminar will introduce the state-of-the-art in medical biometrics. Please pay attention to the below content if you are interested.

Remarks: 1 Smart Point and 15 CS will be awarded to students who participated the whole lecture.

Date:2018/10/10 (Wed)
Venue:MLC Dining Hall  (W33-G046)
Registration:Scan QR CODE, or click on this link: