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Do you like rope skipping? Rope skipping in ancient times called “jump 100 cable”, the so-called “jump 100 cable”, it is because when the rope can be turned into a thousand time when the rope flips. According to study, it shows that rope skipping can greatly reduce the chance of heart disease formation; accelerate the body metabolism, enhance blood flows and strengthen vascular function. Rope skipping requires the coordination of hands, feet and brain, it does not only help to strengthen your body limbs, but it also trains individuals’endurance and sensitivity effectively, therefore rope-skipping is an excellent exercise. MLC has invited Rope Skipping General Association of Macao, China to hold a workshop for explaining the key points of rope skipping and promote rope skipping activities to you, they will also have a public performance on that day. Interested students may note the following information:


Date2017/9/13(next WED)
Venue:W33 Dining Hall
Registration:Scan QR CODE;

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※1SP & 15.0 “Healthy Living” (CS) will be given to the student if he or she joins the whole workshop.