//MLC Activities Express: (WED) Lunch Seminar “Emotion and Decision Making”

MLC Activities Express: (WED) Lunch Seminar “Emotion and Decision Making”

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Emotion or how we feel more generally has an effect on what we choose. This is not surprising. The more surprising thing is that very often we are not even aware of its influences, while they are often quite predictable. The question then becomes if we could predict its influences, will we be better off by getting rid of them, assuming we can? Or are there ways we could live with them? We are going to discuss what psychologists and economists found about emotion and decision making. Hopefully, their findings will shed light on these questions.

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Remarks: 1 Smart Point and 15 CS will be awarded to students who participated the whole lecture.


Date 2017/11/15 (Wed)
Time :12:30-13:40
Venue :MLC Dining Hall  (W33)
Language :English
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