On 4th Oct 2019, our MLC has the privilege inviting two outstanding UM graduates, Ms. Mandy LO and Mr. Henry CHEONG, for a sharing. The first speaker, Mandy, started off sharing her exchange experience in the UC Berkeley and other valuable activities she had joined. Showcasing her travel and study experiences overseas, Mandy offered inspiring suggestions to the RC students how to utilize resources and opportunities in college life to broaden their horizons. She also gave insightful suggestions on what to prepare and how to apply for a graduate program beyond Macau. As a doctorate-to-be from the National University of Singapore, Mandy suggested our students to think critically before considering pursuing a PhD program. Followed by Mandy, the second speaker, Henry also shared his intriguing experiences including his M.A. studies in the UK as well as his funded exchange trip in France. As an experienced high school teacher, Henry delivered a nurturing and inspiring talk to our students; and among them, many are his former students in high school. Taking the same opportunity, Henry reconnected with them and further encourage them to optimize their lives and studies in college. Conversing in a cozy atmosphere, both the speakers and students were able to resonate intellectually and learn from one another. And finally, their conversations were further extended over the delicacies prepared by MLC.