To actualize our vision of creating a multi-lingual and multicultural learning environment, our MLC English Study Group has been doing an excellent job operating and sustaining various learning clubs and activities. In MLC, English Salon has been a successful practice. Since its establishment in 2016, English Salon has been promoting “Fun English Learning” as the mission. Through regularly meeting on Wednesdays, the club has been gaining its popularity. In the new academic year, the first English Salon was successfully held on 22nd Aug, which had attracted more than 50 freshmen and senior students to attend the gathering. The salon began with a fun ice-breaker that not only did it create good rapport but also strengthened team connections. Being immersed in a cozy and relaxing environment, the students were led to two constructive discussions; namely, how to set up clear goals as well as how to fulfill their dreams in their new college lives. Although, for some freshmen, initiating a conversation in English has been challenging, they after all started gaining more confidence in speaking English under the encouragement of the senior students. With the peer dynamics between new blood and the old, the English Salon is expected to keep flourishing and engendering a valuable tradition to be perpetuated in the MLC.