The Excellent Student Talk Series (EST) platform provides students with an opportunity to practice their public presentation skills and to build up a positive learning environment in the college.

The seventh talk of EST on 30 August 2018 was given by Ms. Fangyuan Zhao, a year three student majoring in Financial Controllership. Ms. Zhao comes from Inner Mongolia, China. She has served as the Chair of HA for two years. She joined a volunteer program organized by AIESEC in Morocco, an African country in northern part of Africa in the past summer holiday. At the beginning of the talk, Ms. Zhao introduced the history, geography, food, culture and religion of Morocco. After that, she shared her adventurous volunteer experience in the country, including the poor social security, the difficulties in communication with local people and adaptation to local climate and food, etc. At the end, she summarized that being a volunteer in foreign countries can also be very rewarding. She learned to live in diversity, increased her international perspective, broadcasted the Chinese culture to local people and even improved her spoken English.