The second MLC ‘Student Leadership Camp’organized by MLC HA completed with success from March 24 to 25 in Zhuhai, China. The purpose of the camp is to improve leadership skills, increase understanding and interest in HA and RA for the next year. The camp included series of well-designed ice-breaking games as well as challenging and fun outdoor team building games. The participants consisted of 5-7 students as a group. The team members trusted and encouraged each other to challenge and complete a number of “impossible mission”. On the evening of the same day, the participants prepared ‘mock activity proposal’and presented to Resident Fellow Dr. Larry Liang. Dr. Liang gave concrete guidance and comments to each team. The ten members of current HA also shared their own experiences and thoughts, inspired participants to try and challenge themselves. During the two-day and one-night event, students not only gained friendship and happiness, but also grew in terms of leadership, responsibility, and cooperation. We believe that they will actively contribute their enthusiasm and energy in the future college life and make MLC better and better.

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