In order to promote the multi-lingual and culture-diverse environment of the College, and improve the cross-cultural communication ability of the students, MLC House Association successfully held the ‘Fangyan Show, Hometown Love’ activity on January 22,2019. Three teams participated in this event, namely the Northeast team and the Guangxi team from MLC, as well as the Sichuan team from CKPC. The event attracted more than 30 participants. Students from the same province formed a team and used local dialect to introduce local traditional culture, cuisine and geography. One team used their own dialects to present a wonderful talk show and dialect dubbing. The atmosphere of the event was lively and the audience was very active in interacting with players. In the end, the Northeast team won the ‘Most Funny Award’ because of the unique humor of the Northeasters. Guangxi team won the ‘Most Popular Award’ because of the beautiful scenery and wonderful interaction. Sichuan team won the ‘Most Difficult to Understand Award’, perhaps it was because the audience’s attention was too concentrated on the Sichuan food and ignored the speech content.